Key West Morning


Key West Morning… my cousin was married to a hardcore biker from Cleveland they called Charger Charlie… Charlie had an even harder core biker cousin, Butch, who made a living selling guns and any kind of drug you wanted, without, mind you, partaking in one toke, snort, drink, indulgence of any substance due to a heart murmur… since this particular health condition saved Butch a whole lot of money in profits, he was particularly generous with close friends and, especially, family members. Key West Morning was written a couple of days after returning from an all-expenses paid weekend courtesy of Butch, who was carrying $40,000 cash in his boot and all the necessary amusements we needed, and then some.  in Key West literally walking with $40,000 with all the necessary refreshments provided $40,000 in cash in his boot and not letting us pay for anything

  • December 29, 2016

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Key West Morning

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