Junghetto’s Call


Junghetto’s Call… Bill Nicks and I were at breakfast one morning discussing his 2012 CD, “Junghetto,” when we started talking about a tribal rhythm sequence… Bill had a 7/8 time in his head and it was all I  could do not to break out in a straight-time conga thing right there over bacon, eggs and coffee on the table… we rehearsed all the drum parts in my basement, then went to the studio and laid it down in no more than a couple of takes… bookending the middle jazz section with Ricki David’s poignant rap about waking up every new day just thankful to have survived yesterday on the streets and Billy’s “Voice of God” call on a morally crippled society that came from the original “Junghetto” grew from those drum and percussion tracks and set the tone for a hip hop trilogy that is aimed for everyone of every age.

  • December 29, 2016

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Junghetto’s Call

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